Award-winning Canadian designer Evelyn Eshun on what inspires her, tricks of her trade, and the celebrity home she’d design if she could.

  1. What’s your preferred design style?
    I love the comfortable, clean and casual sensibility of California style mixed with a touch of classic and traditional French.
  2. What’s your favourite building on the planet?
    I have yet to see all the ones I admire, but so far, in person, my favourite is The Musee D’Orsay in Paris. Both inside and out, this building is beautiful and perfectly detailed.
  3. “For design inspiration I … “
    Travel is my best inspiration. Removing myself from my daily environment allows my mind to be in the moment and take in my surroundings.
  4. What’s your favourite design store?
    I enjoy browsing through the multiple floors of the ABC Carpet and Home in Manhattan.
  5. “If I wasn’t a designer, I’d be … “
    A professional dressage rider.
  6. If you could give one piece of advice to yourself back when you were starting in this business, what would it be?
    Trust your gut and take chances without needing to lean on anyone.
  7. What’s your secret or a tool you use to stay organized?
    This business requires a tremendous amount of mental and physical organization. I must have my space clean and clear of clutter so that I have no visual noise to distract me.
  8. What’s your favourite project to date, and why?
    Each project has its own personality and I have learned from all of them. However, I have yet to have a project that truly provides a balance of challenging me and allowing me to expand my creative ability in order to show my skills.
  9. If you could design one celebrity’s home, whose would it be, and why?
    Cindy Crawford’s. I recently had an opportunity to see her in a very inspiring panel talk. Her casual and introspective energy and understanding of the value of a well-designed interior that communicates with the soul made me imagine what it would be like to work with her.
  10. What’s on your coffee table?
    An antique brass tray holding a pad of paper, pen, candle, remotes and coasters.
  11. What’s your design signature?
    Spaces that form seamlessly around those living within them. They have the utmost functionality, and don’t compromise on style and good living.
  12. What’s your favourite design magazine?
    Elle Decor.
  13. Is there a business book, blog or podcast you’d recommend?
    LuAnne Nigara for her no-nonsense business chats which provide many ‘aha’ moments.
  14. Guilty pleasure?
    Prosciutto. I’m a salty vs. sweet person.
  15. Favourite painting or sculpture?
    I love David. He is such a beautiful and perfect sculpture.
  16. Your personal design aesthetic, in three words:
    Detailed, liveable, inviting. And one more: sensible.
  17. What was the last book you read?
    I used to read a book a week in my teens. I really need to get back into it. I can’t even recall what the last book I read was … likely something with business advice.
  18. If you had a career before getting into this work, what did you do?
    I can say that even as a 6-year-old it was always about buildings and interiors for me.
  19. What the biggest thing on your bucket list?
    Riding a Friesian horse on a beach on a warm partly cloudy day.
  20. “When I’m not working I’m … “
    Not thinking of work—at all. In order to be good at my job, I absolutely need to just do what my mind and body want on the day I wake up.
  21. Got a coveted piece for your own home?
    My bed! I love how I feel when I am there, the sheets, the feather pillows and the feeling of relaxing.