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Ambassador Scholarship

Once a year DDA awards an accredited membership to one graduating student from each recognized decorating/design programs across Canada. The award is presented in person by DDA Canada ambassadors to over 40 students each year.

The award is a one-year DDA accredited membership upon graduation, which gives you a leg up in the industry. As an accredited member, you can apply to take part in our mentor program, attend industry events and network, and access tons of member-only content and benefits including our eBook Starting Out.

Key Dates

Application dates are set by the individual schools. Please inquire with your department head.


There is only one criterion that DDA dictates for eligibility for this award: that is to be based on a significant contribution by the graduating student to the industry. Beyond this, we’ve left the judging criteria and selection to each individual institution, so contact your program’s education director, chair or coordinator for more information.

Other criteria for this award may be recognized by outstanding performance. Volunteering for DDA at local design shows may be another consideration. 

How to Enter

The application process varies with each institution. Please speak with your department head to find out how you can be considered.


Educators, please contact for more information.