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Cathy Granert

National Chair

Kate Dickson

National Vice Chair and Chair of Education

Jeanne Grier

Director, Chair of Development

Linda Rendulich

Director, Chair of Ambassador Program

Andria Cowan

Director, Chair of Accredited/Student Membership

Mina Zeighami

Director, Vice Chair of Accredited/Student Membership

Glen Peloso

Director, Chair of Ethics

Wes McCallum

Director, Treasurer

Emily Grundy

Director, Chair of Affiliates

Laurence Verkuyl

Director, Vice Chair of Affiliates

Deborah-Lynn Vitale

Director, Chair of Marketing & Communications

Cary Pepper

Director, Vice Chair of Marketing & Communications

Daniela Caporilli

Director, Chair of Awards Gala

Chapter Representatives

Regions serve every province or territory where we have DDA members: BC; Alberta; Saskatchewan/Manitoba; Ontario; Quebec; and the Atlantic provinces. Each Region provides virtual events to all DDA members within the Region, to ensure that every member (no matter how remote they are), is able to connect with other members. In-person events are held at the local level, wherever we have an opportunity to bring design professionals together with suppliers.


Regional Directors are responsible for overseeing all regional activities. Regions are also supported by a Regional Coordinator, who manages virtual events and provides administrative support for the local in-person events. Local Liaisons organize and run local in-person events in their communities.


If you are someone who is ready to jump in and volunteer, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to  for more information.