There’s no denying that do-it-yourself is a hot trend. People are jumping on their inner interior decorator and refurbishing furniture, making their own accents, painting rooms and designing their space just the way they like it. This is great, for sure. After all, unleashing your creativity is great for the mind and soul. But sometimes we also have to recognize when to call in the professionals.

Perhaps you’re redecorating just a room or your entire home and you’re not sure what style will best suit the space. Or maybe you have an idea of what you want, but want to ensure your plan will work before undertaking all that effort. By hiring a decorating professional, you can save time and money. For one, you won’t have to worry about correcting mistakes you may have made by choosing the wrong colour, fabric or paint choices – which can be costly. Secondly, you can mix and match the services to your needs. Professional decorating and design services can be as limited or in-depth as you need, from quick consultations offering advice on choosing a colour scheme or hiring a contractor to full design services for redecorating, redesigning, renovating, purchasing products and arranging installations.

If you’re worried about losing your creative input by hiring a professional decorator or designer, don’t be. A good decorator will work with you to ensure that the space matches what you want and suits your needs and tastes. But more than that, a decorator can work with you to take your ideas and bring them to the next level. A decorating and design professional is qualified by education and experience to develop and enhance the function and quality of spaces and can therefore analyze your needs to formulate a design concept that is aesthetic, functional and customized to your tastes.

Redecorating can be a fun and exciting project. And with the right professional in your corner, guiding the work and helping you to develop and hone your ideas, it can be even more enjoyable.