On May 13th  2020, BainUltra gave the CEU presentation: “Why Therapeutic Modalities Should be Integral to Bathroom Design’’ to 62 of DDA Decorators and Designer members. Clients do not often realize the importance of color not only to their surroundings but the impact it has on their health and well-being.

Chromatherapy is Defined as a Form of Vibrational Medicine That Uses Colour on the Body to Promote Healing.

When some people hear the word chromatherapy, they think of coloured mood lighting. Unfortunately, this association does chromatherapy a huge disservice; as it is a tool so powerful that it actually heals thousands of children every day.

“Jaundice is the most common condition requiring medical attention in newborn infants. About 50 percent of term and 80 percent of preterm infants develop jaundice in the first week of life.” – Kumar  RK.  Neonatal jaundice.

The primary treatment method for infant jaundice for decades has been a blue bilirubin light treatment. The child’s eyes are covered (as the light is strong) and they bask under a bilirubin light for a few days (depending on the severity of the jaundice). The bilirubin lamp bathes the child in a specific frequency of blue light (420-470 nm) and the chromatherapy light energy interacts with the child’s cells and helps cure the child of jaundice. This is just one of many examples of the power of chromatherapy.

Colour affects the cells of our body in powerful ways. Physicists acknowledge that matter is not solid but is made up of vibrational energy. All things in the known universe are made of vibrational energy, a chair, a computer, the sound of a voice, the light in a room, colour and your entire body. This vibrational energy when broken down to a particle level is actually shown to be made of light. We are, on a particle level, made of pure light energy!  Now you may be asking, if I am light why do I feel like a solid? This is because the vibration of the light inside us holds at such a strong frequency that we perceive it as solid. Think about a laser, it is light but when adjusted to the right vibration/frequency it can cut through solid steel.  In our bodies the light radiated from each cell naturally groups with like cells because they share the same frequency of light.  These groups of cells form the organs, bones and all the other systems in our bodies. Each of which resonates to the frequency of specific colours. For example, the frequency of the thyroid gland is shown to resonate with the colour orange.

In neuro-imaging (images of the brain), we see that our mind is made of thousands of lights and colours. If you compare the images of a person with depression with someone who has just exercised, their images and colours will look totally different. Mood, emotion and thoughts all have colours! This may be the origin of such expressions as “I’m feeling blue” or “she is green with envy.”

Interesting right? But how does this relate to Chromatherapy? It is believed that when we are exposed to a colour, that colour will stimulate and resonate with certain parts of our mind and body. It is also said that the colour will be absorbed not just through the eyes, but through our cells and our body’s electromagnetic energy field. As a result, the added colour should actually affect our cells and cause their vibration to change. Since it is shown that the parts of our body and mind are made up of different expressions of energy, certain colours will be more applicable/beneficial to some parts more than others.

Red walls stimulate. Hospitals often use green because of its soothing effect. The blue of the sky and the sea has calming properties. In general, the warmer colours (red, orange, yellow)stimulate and the colder colours (blue, indigo, violet) calm. Regular exposure in approximately twenty-minute sessions has many therapeutic benefits; see below for the specific benefits associated with each individual colour.

Red: Stimulating and exciting. Activates circulation and wakes up the senses.

Orange: Soothing and pain-relieving. Stimulates the respiratory system and soothes muscular pain.

Yellow: Digestive and creative. Promotes digestion and increases brain activity.

Green: Calming and stabilizing. Relaxes the entire body and stabilizes emotions.

Blue: Relaxing and soothing. Reduces blood pressure and stress and soothes the soul.

Violet: Immunizing and appeasing. Stimulates the immune system, detoxifies the body, and reduces anxiety

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Our ambassador, Dr. Redcross a physician from NY has also done some  videos for our YouTube Channel specifically on chromatherapy amoungst others.  Here is the link for the one on chromatherapy:


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