Whether you need your desk perfectly organized or you flourish in a creative mess, you’ll likely agree that the way your workspace is set up affects your productivity.  Research on the messy desk versus neat desk debate points out the pros and cons of both; messy desks lead to more creative thinking and an ability to connect non-obvious subjects together, while neater desks help keep tasks prioritized and organized.

Looking at Buzz Feed’s “40 Inspiring Workspaces of the Famously Creative” you can see a full range of work habitats, from the clutter that borders on hoarding to severe minimalism. Given the success of the artists profiled, it’s hard to argue that there is only one way to work. One thing these spaces have in common is that you can get a sense of the artist’s unique aesthetic and work process.

If you’re thinking of re-working your workspace take a few pointers from Toronto based firm Teehan + Lax about collaborative and creative workspaces.  The firm dug deep and did research on workplace organization before setting up their new office space in Liberty Village. The space was designed to encourage an easy exchange of ideas between co-workers and encourage creativity.

Elizabeth Metcalfe of Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors & Design wanted to bring the creature comforts of home into her design space. The designer decided to create a residential feel to the firm’s commercial workspace by softening the studio with carefully selected decorative items and light fabrics. The muted colours and clutter-free workspaces bring calm to a firm that functions in a high-stress industry.

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