Smart Home, the present and the future

In a recent survey, Smart home automation household penetration is to be doubled by 2022. Home automation is even very popular in new construction. Builders are adding smart home technology to the newly builds. Why? Having this home automation system installed increases the resale value of the property. And also the cost of technology is easily rolled into a mortgage.

A “Smart device” vs a “Smart home”

A smart device is any product that’s connected to the internet that allows you to control and monitor it from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer. A smart home is where these smart devices are aware of each other and work together.

Challenges in a modern home today

Most of these homes today have 3 to 5 electronic devices that do not integrate with each other because they are not made by the same company and have different apps on the same network which are connected to the internet but are not interconnected.  Some of the examples of some smart devices in the market today are smart media player, smart speaker, smart light bulb,  smart thermostat, smart door lock. So to solve the problem we need a uniform platform where all these devices speak to the platform.


Home automation solutions

Control 4 Smart home controller coordinates and act as a Mothership to all these devices in your home to create personalized solutions that maximizes comfort, convenience, entertainment and peace of mind. With one touch you can unlock the door which will signal to the thermostat to change from Energy savings Comfort mode to regular mode, set lights based on the time of the day as well as play your favorite media.


Why automation is more important than ever

With current times we are spending more and more time at home, which means families are more connected and want more personalization. We are investing more in our home so it’s safe and functional which means usage of more smart devices.

How to make it simple? Call for a professional.

Control 4 is a provider of automation and networking systems for your home and has local authorized dealers. It’s a pleasure to introduce Robert May with SOUNDS GOOD INC. who is a local authorized dealer and installer for Control 4 located in Oakville, Ontario. If you would like to redesign and automate your home, we can set up a design consultation and collaborate with them to provide you with suggestions and solutions that best fit your needs.

 If you would like more information on Control 4 and how it can make a difference in your home. Please Contact Robert May via email