Written by DDA Member and Designer Account Executive Sherwin-Williams Canada, Elizabeth Raczkiewicz

Interior wallpaper plays a significant role in design by enhancing the aesthetic appeal and setting the tone for the space. It can transform the room by adding pattern, texture, and colour. Whether it’s a subtle design or a bold statement, wallpaper can create a focal point or bring cohesion to the space.  It can be used on an accent wall or throughout an entire room, depending on the desired effect. The variety of patterns, textures, and colors available in wallpaper allows for endless creative possibilities in design.

To speak more about wallpaper, we went to the experts at West Coast walls. I had the pleasure of interviewing Blaine Maryniuk, founder of West Coast Walls, a Canadian wallpaper and decal company on what makes his company’s product standout. Servicing a local and international clientele, West Coast Walls exemplifies the best in personalized customer service and customized design.

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Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the history of West Coast Walls & why you specialized in interior wallpaper?

We started our business the autumn before the pandemic. It started as a hobby for father-daughter bonding as we were both living in two continents, Canada, and Australia. Because of travel restrictions during the pandemic, it turned out to be a beneficial venture. Our company grew from a hobby to a full-time venture with 5 employees and growing!

Q: What sets West Coast Walls apart from other interior wallpaper companies?

We really do offer personalized customer service. Here are 4 ways we stand out from the competition:

  1. We print on demand, we can customize the colours. Designers and customers can request that our designs be made in other colours, and we can do that.
  2. We create custom designs for designers and decorators. Share with us your idea, and our in-house artist will make it happen!
  3. To help capture our customers’ visions, we leverage our design team even further by helping customers choose complementary Sherwin-Williams colours for their spaces. 
  4. We hire professional artists to create the print for our products. Our designers are located throughout British Columbia, and we have one stationed in Australia. We do not use AI generated images!

Large Delicate Drawn Floral Wallpaper – West Coast Walls

Q: How does West Coast Walls stay up to date with the latest interior design trends?

We do a lot of reading. We look at what is trending in interior design blogs and other media. There is a lot that is trending! We also look at what is selling and what people are looking for.

E: I’ve noticed on your website, there are a lot of nature-Inspired Prints; they really bring the outdoors in by choosing wallpaper with botanical prints, floral motifs, or scenic landscapes in calming and Neutral tones. On the other hand, for the more expressive client, many geometric Patterns and textured wallpapers which add a modern and visually dynamic look. They provided a fresh and contemporary touch to interiors, adding interest and depth to the space.

Exclusive Designs Wallpaper – West Coast Walls

Q: Which leads us to our next questions, can you talk about some of the most popular wallpaper designs that West Coast Walls offers?

Our best sellers tend to be what we create from scratch. Original art sells best. 

E: Understandable, it does create a lot of Design Flexibility. It would give the opportunity to bring the designer and the clients creative vision to life. It also allows your clients to express their style and create a space that reflects them. It is an excellent option for those who want a unique and tailored look that cannot be found in off-the-shelf options!

Abstract Boho Watercolour Lines Wall Mural – West Coast Walls

Q: How does West Coast Walls ensure customer satisfaction?

Because this is a father-daughter operation, and a collaboration in Australia and Canada, we joke that “we operate our business 24 hours a day, twice a day”. We do our best to respond the same day to our customers. We communicate via email, we follow up, we stay in touch. If any issues come up, we do our best to resolve them quickly and efficiently. We really do try to make everyone happy and our reviews on West Coast Walls – Etsy Canada and our website speak to our work.

Q: For customers unsure if a certain interior wallpaper pattern will look right in their space, do you offer samples?

Yes, in fact we highly encourage everyone to purchase samples! Because every product is made to order, we have a strict no returns policy. Samples are $10 each or 3 for $20, and printed in the type of material the customer is interested in, for example: linen finish, smooth finish, etc. Also, included in every sample order is a “colour chart” in their preferred material to help clients see the colours in their space, and help make an informed purchasing decision.

Our Products – West Coast Walls

Q: What can we expect from West Coast Walls in the future?

In the future, you can expect to find more trend colours. We’ve partnered with Sherwin-Williams to launch a wallpaper collection around their 2024 Colour of the Year…details are coming soon!

We are also launching an Artisan Line. This collection will feature hand-crafted art digitized into our products.

E: We will be on the lookout for the new Artisan Line and colour pairings!

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Green and White Whimsical Wildflower Wallpaper – West Coast Walls

Q: Where can customers purchase your product?

Check out interior wallpaper our selection at: www.westcoastwalls.ca