The days are gradually getting shorter and the beautiful golden sunlight that late Autumn brings has us all feeling warm and content while we bundle up in our scarves and sweaters. As the seasons change, our energy shifts with it; a slowing down of our schedules and plans, as we begin to settle into the coming of winter and all the stillness that it brings. We prepare for winter in many ways, from the changing of our tires, to the stocking of our freezers, however, today we want to share our favourite tips for keeping your bedroom tidy throughout the colder months. Let’s face it, our desire to clean in the winter is never as high as our desire to drink tea and curl up with a blanket and a book. We believe that keeping the home tidy over the winter months is all about ease and simplicity. Here are our favourite ways to simplify the process and create a space worth hibernating in.

Start by doing a scan of your bedroom and ask yourself how you can create more space. We spend a lot of time in our homes during the winter months so cultivating openness in a room helps you feel less claustrophobic and more at ease. Any warm weather items that can be placed in storage should go there. Remove items from under your bed and keep the floor space open; this will make dusting quick and easy during a season when the dust builds up fast!

You’ll probably be reaching for a warmer blanket or two as winter approaches, so before you hunker down in bed, we suggest giving your mattress some care first. Flipping or rotating your mattress will ensure even distribution in wear and help prolong the life of your mattress. It will also give you a chance to check under the bed for dust, pet hair and anything else that might have gone overlooked in your last bedroom tidy. Furthermore, one of the most important steps in mattress care is investing in a quality mattress protector. Mattress Protectors perfect the regulation of your sleeping environment and have incredible temperature and moisture management, which is especially important as the nights get colder.

Another aspect we love to consider is the air quality in your bedroom. Because the windows typically aren’t opened as much during the winter months, cleaning or purifying your air will not only make your space smell fresh, but it will aid in keeping your health top notch during flu season. there are a number of ways to keep your bedroom air quality at it’s best – regularly dusting, washing your sheets and duvet are all habits that help immensely in this pursuit. We’re also big fans of essential oil diffusers, just place a few drops of your favourite scent, add some water, and let it fill the room! We enjoy diffusing lavender at night to promote sleep and eucalyptus or peppermint during the day to fill the room with a fresh, outdoorsy scent – just be certain to double check any pet sensitivities to certain essential oils before using them in your home. Another option would be to set up a small humidifier, especially if you have sensitive skin that is greatly affected by the drier air.

A bedroom should truly feel like a sanctuary, and we aspire to help all of our customers feel that way when they enter the room. If you’re in need of advice or would like more information about our bedding and accessories and how they might add to your winterized bedroom, Please call our National Sprout Sales Team:

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