It is summer! What better way to enjoy the outdoors than to spend time on a patio in the comfort of your own home! Even your client’s small condo balcony can be easily transformed into an outdoor oasis. Think luscious palm-filled cabanas to take you back to your favorite sun-setting memory or recall a quiet zen-like moment curled up with a warm drink, a blanket and your favorite book. All this could be a reality, with the right materials, products and the right design. Join us in exploring some of the materials and items that will help you bring that perfect piece of nature into your client’s outdoor living space.


Resin Wicker: is durable, UV-resistant, and easy to clean. Items made of these materials won’t fade or crack and will be able to withstand rain, sunlight, and humidity.
Wood: Hardwoods such as teak or acacia have exceptional durability and softwoods such as pine, cedar or fir have some degree of weather resistance. Items made of these materials can withstand rain if sealed properly, sunlight, humidity, wind and extreme temperatures.
Recycled plastic: is strong, extremely durable and easy to maintain. Items made of these materials are resistant to moisture, fading, rotting and cracking and is impermeable to salt and stains.


Bast, rattan and wickerwork lounge chairs from Kare Design Toronto ( bring a natural and earthy element to your terrace, balcony or garden look both casual and cozy. Kelly Da Silva from Kare Design, describes this product as “extremely versatile on the terrace, balcony, in the garden and also in the living room.”

Product Number 84116. Shop this item at KARE Toronto 553 Queen St. W. M5V 2B6.

Hand-made terracotta, pots and planters from Kawa Canada make the perfect statement piece to accentuate your potted floral or leafy plants.

Kawa Canada

Potted plants such as Hostas make lovely shaded patio or balconies come to life. They thrive in containers and their palm-like leaves give your outdoors space a classic touch of the tropics.