With many people working from home now, finding a comfortable place to do your job can be challenging. The kitchen has unexpectedly become a popular choice as the new work from home space but it can take some
adjusting to repurpose the space.

Repurposing the Kitchen
Most importantly, a clean, clutter free space helps clear the mind and keep you focused on the task at hand whether it’s working, studying or cooking. Now’s a good time to clear the clutter, make room for work related items by purging things you no longer find a use for, clear out that junk drawer, donate or toss old dishware, cookware and small appliances, condense your vast collection of food storage containers and their mismatched lids.

Helpful Tips:
• Stay organized by setting up a designated work area, whether it’s the end of the island, the kitchen table or even a pantry nook, try to keep your work related items in one area only
• Comfortable seating is paramount, perching on a backless bar stool for 8 hours is not ideal, so invest in a quality chair or move an existing one into your new work space
• Ergonomics is key, the kitchen table provides an ideal working height, a counter height table or island is also not bad a choice as long as you have an elevated foot rest to support proper posture, a bar height counter makes a great standing desk option
• Creative design solutions such as pull-out tables and appliance nooks with lift-up doors can be implemented in new kitchens and are ideal for multi-purpose spaces
• Out of sight, out of mind… aim to keep work and home life separate, put away the laptop and papers when off duty, store them in a repurposed cabinet for ease of access
• Try to utilize as much natural daylight as possible, work near a window or face an outdoor view if available
• Remember to stretch or take a break like you would at the workplace, it’s important to regenerate yourself during the work day