Windows, Floors and All The Feels

When an owner or buyer walks into a home, they want to feel a certain way. A sigh of relief, a weight off the shoulders; the illusion of fresh air in a wide open space.

We know that paint colours have a tremendous impact on the way a room can feel, but what else can change the way we feel about a certain space?

Depending on the size of the home, windows and the amount of light they allow in can change a dark, cold cave, into a bright, airy, ambient dwelling. When working with a smaller home, it helps to install windows that are tall and narrow, and face the east so they allow the most amount of light into the room, while still allowing enough wall space for art and furniture placement. Another key point to remember when talking about window installation is to factor in the type of floor you will be using in the room. With east-facing windows, the most amount of light and heat are welcomed in, and this can cause an issue when it comes to hard wood floors and carpet. To prevent your carpet and hardwood from fading, be sure to choose a synthetic flooring, such as Luxury Vinyl or Tile, or a lighter carpet that provides built-in protection from UV rays.

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Another factor to consider when choosing windows is the overall size in comparison to the size of the home. People always assume a larger house means larger windows to be able to let the most amount of natural light in.. until you have to cover them. Large windows also have a higher chance of letting in more heat or cold, depending on the season. Choosing double, or even triple-pane glass is a must when living in Canada, and sticking to regular sized windows on a larger home will save on energy and window covering costs, while still providing long-lasting quality.

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By Selina Daniel, DDA Canada Accredite Member
Re*Finnish Décor 

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