Historic French White Oak

If you’re looking for the perfect Rustic Style flooring for your space, you are likely to come across term “reclaimed”. What is “reclaimed wood floor” you may wonder?

dm1Copyright: Image courtesy of European Flooring Group

Rich in history, reclaimed wood is wood that has been used for buildings and structures from the 18th to the early 20th century. Reclaimed wood is recycled and reused to meet today’s ever-growing need for sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

Today’s reclaimed wood emerges from a time when wood was in abundance, both in North America and Europe, and was used as a principal building material. Interior designers of today like reclaimed hardwood floors for their luxurious rustic look. Also, aged reclaimed wood is very durable and is particularly suitable for high-traffic areas due to its tight grain. The material is also more resistant and hard-wearing, as compared to newly harvested wood.

dm2Copyright: Photo courtesy of European Flooring Group

White Oak is a popular choice for reclaimed wood in Europe due to its abundance.  Select curated reclaimed pieces feature a true artisanal hand-finish that embodies the aged, rustic sensibilities of a storied French manor. They feature three-hundred-year-old White Oak sourced from rare historic chateaus, farm houses, public buildings, and rail roads throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

Reclaimed wood floor makes a bold and luxurious statement. It also demonstrates immaculate taste and a love for the natural character of wood. However, those are not the only benefits! Using reclaimed wood for your projects also shows your commitment to environmental matters.

dm3Copyright: Photo courtesy of European Flooring Group

By Dana Marei
DDA Canada Student Member

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