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The world of colour offers us an endless supply of options and trends, which can be overwhelming to designers and their clients. One of the best ways as a designer to ground this overwhelming process is with the psychology of colour. Many clients are not aware of why they may be attracted to certain colours and not others. Our particular role in navigating this complex field lies in our distinct ability to create beautiful and harmonious rooms through the creation of a perfect colour palette that speaks to your vision of the specific mood for their space. Often this ability comes with the know-how of colour psychology and being well versed in colour trends that will have staying power with time. Let’s take a look at a few colours that were trending at this year’s KBIS in Las Vegas.


Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore

IMG_1753.JPG CH2.jpg 

Photo from Sharon Grech                                                                                         Photo from Jeanne Grier



 Photo from Jeanne Grier


A top pick and one of my personal favourites is a rich and soulful colour from the Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year 2019 palette, Hale Navy. Sharon Grech, Cityline Colour Expert and Spokesperson for Benjamin Moore, has this to say about Hale Navy. “Hale Navy (HC-154) is an all-time favourite from Benjamin Moore’s Historical Collection. To give it a contemporary twist for 2019, we see this classic navy paired with crisp white and warm, polished brass.” Hale Navy is definitely a timeless classic that has been trending in all types of spaces. This deeply saturated shade of tranquility, loyalty and wisdom brings both serious and playful memories of the deep blue sea. It helps to create a secure while elegant space. While this has been a popular choice for bedroom walls and bathrooms, this colour has been making headway into common living spaces like living rooms and kitchens. Sharon adds, “I recently used Hale Navy in a booth design for KBIS 2019. It featured prominently as the backdrop to a bathroom vignette with a KOHLER Artifacts® tub (See Photo). Combined with Kendall Charcoal (HC-166), the mood is dramatic and glamourous.” The booth design she created for KBIS is timeless and classic, yet trendy, modern and sophisticated. What a great way to use this colour!


Soft Fern from Benjamin Moore

CH4.jpg CH5.jpg

Photo from Jeanne Grier                                                                                                    Photo from Jeanne Grier

Next, for a more subtle and less dramatic colour we turn one of the most calm and restful colours from the Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year 2019 palette, Soft Fern. Soft Fern is as the name describes it, a delicate colour from nature that brings every space to life. Sharon of Benjamin Moore shares with us that “Soft Fern (2144-40) is a calming, pale green that effortlessly brings tranquility to any space and complements both modern and traditional styles. Without a doubt, one of Mother Nature’s favourite neutrals, green is a perfect backdrop colour.” The natural harmony of this colour brings fresh healing, inspiration, and fulfillment, a perfect choice to promote positive relationships and calm one's anxieties. Don’t we all need this in our life? Its light colour value also makes this a perfect choice to make rooms feel more spacious and airy. A great choice for intimate spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms and reading spaces. Sharon goes on to add that “Soft Fern in particular is a great option for a homeowner looking to break away from “greige” and move to a livelier wall colour that still plays well with other hues in furnishings and accessories.” Thank you so much for sharing Sharon!

Distance Blue from Sherwin Williams


Photo from Sherwin Williams

For a more fresh and clean colour, we turn to the Sherwin Williams Colour of the Year pairing, Distance Blue. Emily Grundy from Sherwin Williams says, “Distance Blue (SW6243) is a relaxing and inviting colour when paired with warm neutrals like Anew Gray (SW7030) and a soft white, Alabaster (SW7008). This colour suits 2019 and beyond for its ability to embody such a variety of design styles. Whether your style is bohemian, modern or anything in between - Distance blue makes the perfect pairing to bring out your colour personality.” This colour has a fun, comforting and causal personality, giving each space a refreshing and inviting feeling of a low-key day indoors under cloudy skies. Its moderate colour value helps to create spaces that feel relaxing and soothing. A classic colour for bedrooms and bathrooms. Emily Grundy goes on to add that “Distance Blue is a hard-working colour that suits almost every application, think revitalizing your front door for spring or even the shutters for a classic look. This colour has a traditional sense too. Imagine a kitchen with white shaker style doors, clad in soft grey marble, this colour can be the pop in the room. This medium blue is perfect for a kitchen island, it adds that unexpected flair!” Sounds quite versatile. Thanks for sharing Emily!

Cool Blues from Kohler

CH6.jpg  CH8.jpg

Photo from Kohler of Inia Bathroom Sink                                               Photo from Kohler


Photo from Kohler

Last but not least, we turn to some trending cool blues on products and surface materials, my new favourite look. Bringing together cloudy grays, crisp whites and a little bit of an elevated glam, this cool blue tone has been bringing instant spa-like serenity to contemporary bathrooms. The look is clean and comfortable. According to Elain Birkbeck of Kohler, “Cool tones help to express a laid-back vibe and diffuse a soothing comfort and ease into the home. These tones assist in achieving a minimalist atmosphere in the space when paired with clean lines and geometric shapes.” Stunning spa-inspired glass vessels like the Inia Bathroom sink in opaque dusk (See Photo) is the perfect pop of colour in a master bathroom to make it a beautiful and tranquil oasis. This piece is sure to create a soothing focal point in any bathroom or powder room. The most unique application of this colour, Elain shares, is “With this stunning tile bathroom (See photo on right) featuring Kohler products.” What a gorgeous and stunning bathroom statement. “I have seen cooler tones become increasingly popular in modern and contemporary kitchen and bathroom spaces,” says Elain. Her final tip with using this colour, “When working with cool neutral tones it is all about layering, not simply using one tone for everything, but tone-on-tone to give depth and muted comfort within the room.” Great advice! Thanks Elain.

Our industry know-how and ability to pick out colour trends with staying power is one of the most valuable assets we have. Redoing a client’s colour palette can be a big project requiring significant time, effort and money, not to mention headache. Helping others translate a colour they love into the design of their space is a special skill and talent. Thanks to our colour and product experts, Sharon Grech of Benjamin Moore, Emily Grundy of Sherwin Williams, and Elain Birkbeck of Kohler, we can all feel more confident in our ability to chose colours that express the precise mood we are trying to achieve for our clients. We hope you will continue to use this special skill to colour the world!

By Carly Heung
Interior decorator and principal designer for 1smallspace, known for creating simple, modern and functional spaces.
Visit her at 1smallspace.com.