Kitchen and Bath Design Rewind

Trends in Kitchen and Bath Design are always changing - or are they? It seems like the contemporary white kitchen was popular for a very long time, at least here on the west coast. Now, with the resurgence of older styles, some products have been given new life. Glam seems to be popular right now in Interior Design including Kitchens and Baths. For those of you who don't know, Glam is described as a style that incorporates shiny, soft and velvety textures with dark colours, and curved shapes, kind of like an old Hollywood Style.   That being said, people may be embracing older and more traditional styles but they don't want to part with the modern innovations and conveniences afforded to us today. Let's take a look at some brands that fill the consumer's desire to mix in some elements of earlier styles with conveniences of the modern age.

Bertazzoni Appliances:

These are beautifully and efficiently designed appliances made in Italy.  According to Jeannie Sasaki of Distinctive Appliances, there is something for everyone.   For instance, the consumer can change the handle of the appliance according to whether they want a traditional, transitional or contemporary look. The finish that sells best is still Stainless Steel, but they recently have seen a spike in demand for colour, and it all started with the Professional orange range. This year the trend is moving toward their 36" Professional red range  as well as their Master range in black and white matte.  These would fit right in with the Glam style that is becoming prevalent. The quality of the vibrant orange and red finishes are noteworthy as they are painted by the same company that paints Ferrari and Lamborghini.  New this year will be Bertazzoni’s relaunch of their Heritage line,  which would greatly complement a more traditional kitchen. Bertazzoni also has a new line of built in refrigeration that sits flush in line with cabinets.


BainUltra Baths:

While some people were making the not-so-hard decision to turn their bathing area into a luxurious shower, others wouldn't dream of parting with their bathtub.  Free standing tubs, inspired by traditional styles with modern elements are becoming increasingly popular.  Renee Martel of BainUltra indicates that home owners and designers see the free standing tub as an art piece or focal point of the bathroom.  She goes on to say that consumers are choosing to install new tubs rather than abandon them for shower areas.  As with Bertazzoni, BainUltra caters to several different tastes.  They have many collections with different finishes and other options to meet individual needs.  Options for bathtubs include hydro-thermo massage air jets, chromatherapy, aromatherapy, thermo therapy and sound therapy.  These options speak to the desire many of us have to incorporate spa and wellness elements in our homes.  

Design wise, BainUltra has a tub to fit just about any style.  An example of this is one of their top selling lines,  Scala.  The Scala bathtub with its modern take on the clawfoot tub was inspired by the traditional Rococo style of the Teatro alla Scala Opera house in Milan.

Nokori Oval IlluzioNokori with Chromatherapy

Scala 6638 satin Brass HQ2Scala with Brass Legs


Marble is a product immersed in traditional and classical design yet it is a defining quality of contemporary styles as well.  The modern white kitchen I mentioned earlier seems often includes a marble or marble style countertop.  Camille Vince of Cosentino says that quartz countertops emulating marble and natural stone continue to be trending.  Both dark and light colours are popular of late as well as glossy finishes and tops that look like concrete.  A top seller for Cosentino is their Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold colour which has large dark grey veining with gold on a white background.  Check out their Dekton XGloss series for a more contemporary  or Glam look and Silestone's Quartz Loft Series in colours Brooklyn and Silver Lake for a more industrial look with the feel of cement.

Sogne Dekton Stonika XGloss Collection 2Dekton Xgloss

Silver Lake Silestone Loft SeriesLoft Series Silverlake

Jana Prince from Willis which represents various brands of countertop material such as solid surface, quartz, and laminate also stresses the continued popularity of the marble look like Corian's Calacatta Natura quartz. She indicates also that darker colours such as Fenix Matte Black Nero Ingo has seen a big increase in sales since launching in 2014. Finishes with more texture like the leather quartz is also on the rise with consumers.

We are very fortunate in the design world today to have our pick of many options that reflect our own individual needs and desires whether it be size, style, colour, technology and more. Yes, styles are always changing, and if we live long enough, they just may come back round again.

Nero Ingo Kitchen 2Fenix Nero Ingo

Corian Quartz Calacatta Natura KitchenCorian Calacatta Natura


By Tanya Kenny, Rake Design, Ltd.