Each year, entrants in the Decorating and Design Competition get to show off their fresh ideas for improving living spaces at every budget.

These nine interior makeovers showcase what's possible at three different budget levels. No matter what your current space looks like, there's room for improvement in atmosphere or functionality. See how Canada’s top decorators and designers transformed home interiors this year. 

Interiors under $45K

"Easy Living Country Family Room"

interiors under 45 bronze

This project came from an existing client who moved to the country to get some peace from their stressful work life. The task was to create a space which was contemporary in its expression, but very traditional in its feeling as well as easy to live in and maintain. The feeling we were aiming for was casual, yet sophisticated. The space is quite large at about 25 feet by 20 feet, as well as open to the entry and kitchen, so the challenge was to make it feel cozy and warm despite the large open concept layout. This room was meant to ‘hug’ everyone who enters it with the mindful use of textures, colours and materials all meant to give the space a calm and restful feeling.

Designer: Evelyn Eshun Design Inc.
Award: Bronze

"High Park Master Suite"

interiors under 45 silver

The goal was to merge a master bedroom in the historic part of the home, with a modern ensuite in the new contemporary addition. By merging traditional mouldings and architectural details with modern fixtures and custom millwork, the master suite gently but effectively fused the old with the new. We engaged a fresh colour palette in both artwork and furnishings to compliment our clients' youthful personalities.

Designer: Designtheory, Inc. and Adolphina Karachok
Award: Silver

"The Bold & The Beautiful Bedroom"

interiors under 45 gold

This renovation was comprised of a second floor hallway, master bedroom, and dressing room. The main floor had already been renovated 5 years prior, therefore, the primary purpose was to update the space to create cohesion between the two floors. The owners are young empty-nesters who were looking to revive, reclaim and truly enjoy the space for their next stage of life. Deep colours and elegant finishes refine the space while the function-forward design and beautiful accessories curate the space adding rich details to enjoy over and over again. The transformation has allowed for a more intimate and moody space.

Designer: Pizzale Design Inc.
Award: Gold

Interiors over $45K and under $100K

"Elegant Hideaway"

interiors 45 150 bronze

This elegant hideaway is my client’s new basement retreat. With home sale prices at peak, she turned to us in order to reclaim her partially finished basement and add new living spaces for her growing family, without having to move. She was looking to gain a den, guest bathroom, storage, office and a study area for her pre-teens. The existing basement consisted of an unfinished cold room and uninviting den which was seldom used for the random work out. The challenge was the 6’ bearing wall that closed it off from the rest of the space and made it feel uninviting.

Designer: Ace of Space Interiors
Award: Bronze

"The Chameleon"

interiors 45 150 silver

Originally a large recreation room, the clients wished for this space to serve more than just one purpose. The challenge was to serve five clear functions: that of an office area, sewing area, sleeping space for four people, ample storage, and a media room that could comfortably accommodate six. By using the additional space of neighbouring closets, this large room was converted into an office and a den. Multi-functional furniture makes the space chameleon-like and ticks all of the clients’ boxes. A vibrant purple wall and blue chenille sofa add punch to a neutral space.

Designer: Bridgemont Properties
Award: Silver

"Contemporary Elegance"

interiors 45 150 gold

Our clients purchased a newly built home with a wonderful layout to suit their changing lifestyle. They were downsizing, and all their life long possessions were let go. Both retired from their professional careers, they had an appreciation for art which would be a project over time. They wished their furnishings to be gracious, livable and offer comfort amid their striking art. The neutral palette would showcase the colors and textures of their paintings while requesting “a no need to over design” rule.  To them less was more which reflected their unassuming style. 

Designer: The Interior Design Group
Award: Gold

Interiors over $100K 

"Industrial Modern Chic"

interiors over 150 bronze

Multipurpose spaces were designed for entertaining and working. Metal meets wood with movable industrial inspired furnishings. Neutrals create a metallic feel that are warmed up with plush textures. The fireplace, concrete mantle and countertops blend together the industrial look the clients desired. The saturated blue accent color comes alive by making a modern statement and is carried throughout this open-concept apartment on doors and niches. Repurposed materials were transformed into custom wall and door features. Millwork and frosted glass doors reflect light and contrast against the industrial elements.

Designer: Design Details
Award: Bronze

"Our Happy Place"

interiors over 150 silver

We took this 5,100 square foot home down to the studs, reconfigured the entire space, added a heated walkway leading to the garage, renovated the exterior and decorated every square inch of this incredible home. It was a collaboration between the architect, designer and builder. We carefully took into account the flow, style and functionality of each room. Every member of the family had input into these decisions. Collectively, they wanted a space that was functional, inviting and “happy”.  We achieved this with a modern, timeless esthetic, and incorporated their favourite color blue with added punches of color throughout.

Designer: Lush Interiors
Award: Silver

"Bold in Black and White"

interiors over 150 gold

After extensive renovation a dated condo was transformed into a luxurious and elegant space that holds a few surprises. The renovation of a two bedroom condo started with the idea of creating an elegant space using dramatic black and white colour combination. The new layout had to provide for better privacy, more storage and dramatically change the feel of the space – timeless elegance with a hint of drama! Ceilings and walls were getting a new treatment. Some adjustments were made to the layout of the condo. We were able to add layers of luxurious textures and bold statements to the space working with restrained colour scheme of black and white.

Designer: Estee Design
Award: Gold

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