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Windows, Floors and All The Feels

When an owner or buyer walks into a home, they want to feel a certain way. A sigh of relief, a weight off the shoulders; the illusion of fresh air in a wide open space.

We know that paint colours have a tremendous impact on the way a room can feel, but what else can change the way we feel about a certain space?

Depending on the size of the home, windows and the amount of light they allow in can change a dark, cold cave, into a bright, airy, ambient dwelling. When working with a smaller home, it helps to install windows that are tall and narrow, and face the east so they allow the most amount of light into the room, while still allowing enough wall space for art and furniture placement. Another key point to remember when talking about window installation is to factor in the type of floor you will be using in the room. With east-facing windows, the most amount of light and heat are welcomed in, and this can cause an issue when it comes to hard wood floors and carpet. To prevent your carpet and hardwood from fading, be sure to choose a synthetic flooring, such as Luxury Vinyl or Tile, or a lighter carpet that provides built-in protection from UV rays.

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Another factor to consider when choosing windows is the overall size in comparison to the size of the home. People always assume a larger house means larger windows to be able to let the most amount of natural light in.. until you have to cover them. Large windows also have a higher chance of letting in more heat or cold, depending on the season. Choosing double, or even triple-pane glass is a must when living in Canada, and sticking to regular sized windows on a larger home will save on energy and window covering costs, while still providing long-lasting quality.

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By Selina Daniel, DDA Canada Accredite Member
Re*Finnish Décor 

Top Surface Trends

Selecting a surface is arguably the most crucial aspect of a renovation. Whether it be choosing floors, countertops, walls, fireplaces, or other interior and exterior finishes, the surfaces are often the focal point and the final step in bringing together an entire design scheme. We like to think of it as saving the best for last, as this part comes with endless possibilities, and room to get creative in any design concept while increasing the value of the space.

The Marble Trend:

            During our 30+ years in the surface industry, the most common trend is the marble trend (and no, we’re not being biased!). Specifically, the most selected marble look resides in the Italian Calacatta family. White marble with subtle grey veining remains the most sought-after stone of choice for its ability to fit into practically any design, combined with its recognition around the world for high quality and prestige. Anyone in the design industry can appreciate a perfect block of Italian Calacatta; the whiter the slab, the more exclusive (and more expensive) the choice!


The Engineered Surface Trend:

With the help of advancements in technology over the years, Italian Calacatta (among almost every other stone or design to possibly replicate) is now available in engineered versions. The typical base surface of engineered surfaces is porcelain or quartz, both featuring different surface printing processes while offering the same outcome: the look of natural stone with the benefits of engineered stone (maintenance, installation and price being the major ones). It can be difficult to find an engineered stone surface that has a realistic print, so we recommend going to your most trusted suppliers when sourcing for this type of surface to avoid getting stuck with a poor quality surface. For the ultimate engineered surface, we recommend looking into high-tech engineered surfaces such as Sintered Stones. Thanks to high-tech manufacturing processes, Sintered Surfaces don’t stain, are scratch, heat and fire resistant, and can withstand extreme climate conditions, offering a surface suitable for any aspect of your renovation.

Whether high or low quality, engineered stone surfaces have saturated the market, and we believe this may be one of the leading causes of the major shift in design trends over the last year.


The Terrazzo Trend:

One of the recent biggest shifts was towards the Terrazzo trend. Although we are seeing this trend infiltrate the market heavily over the last year, this trend is actually not new. Terrazzo has been used for centuries dating back to old Italian traditions as a way to create beauty from leftover marble remnants. In later years it became a common surface choice for large commercial projects like airports, schools and malls for its durable qualities and reasonable price points. Eventually, the rise of engineered surfaces replaced the use of Terrazzo, as porcelains offered the same durable qualities with the ability to mimic luxurious natural stones. We didn’t think we would hear the term Terrazzo so often ever again, until the resurgence of the terrazzo took the design industry by storm, turning terrazzo into our #1 most requested product over the last year.


Of course, terrazzo has adapted quickly to keep up with the hype compared to the traditional blends used centuries ago. From custom coloured resin and cement binders, to coloured stone chips and other aggregates such as recycled glass, sea shells, pearl, mirror, ceramic & metal, terrazzo has become a funky way for creative freedom for any renovation while capitalizing on the eco-friendly surface trend.

We hope this article gives a little bit of insight on popular design trends for your renovation, but we also recommend doing some research before getting started. Using social media to find inspiration images and/or seeking professional assistance through a trusted designer or architect is a great place to start. It is also just as important to make sure you do the research in finding a reputable surface supplier that has a good reputation and will make you feel comfortable finding a surface that fits within your design and budget.

By DDA Canada Affiliate Member Marble Trend Ltd.
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Historic French White Oak

If you’re looking for the perfect Rustic Style flooring for your space, you are likely to come across term “reclaimed”. What is “reclaimed wood floor” you may wonder?

dm1Copyright: Image courtesy of European Flooring Group

Rich in history, reclaimed wood is wood that has been used for buildings and structures from the 18th to the early 20th century. Reclaimed wood is recycled and reused to meet today’s ever-growing need for sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

Today’s reclaimed wood emerges from a time when wood was in abundance, both in North America and Europe, and was used as a principal building material. Interior designers of today like reclaimed hardwood floors for their luxurious rustic look. Also, aged reclaimed wood is very durable and is particularly suitable for high-traffic areas due to its tight grain. The material is also more resistant and hard-wearing, as compared to newly harvested wood.

dm2Copyright: Photo courtesy of European Flooring Group

White Oak is a popular choice for reclaimed wood in Europe due to its abundance.  Select curated reclaimed pieces feature a true artisanal hand-finish that embodies the aged, rustic sensibilities of a storied French manor. They feature three-hundred-year-old White Oak sourced from rare historic chateaus, farm houses, public buildings, and rail roads throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

Reclaimed wood floor makes a bold and luxurious statement. It also demonstrates immaculate taste and a love for the natural character of wood. However, those are not the only benefits! Using reclaimed wood for your projects also shows your commitment to environmental matters.

dm3Copyright: Photo courtesy of European Flooring Group

By Dana Marei
DDA Canada Student Member

A Flooring Snapshot

Flooring has always been a part of my life growing up and I'm now co-owner of a second generation family business in the retail flooring industry. We've served the communities of Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and surrounding areas for nearly 40 years. It's my pleasure to share my snapshot of flooring today!

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These days, it’s all about Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF) also known as LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank or LVT [Luxury Vinyl Tile]). Now that we've got the lingo down, let’s talk about why these products have taken over the flooring industry by storm. 

LVF is basically being marketed as the "perfect" flooring solution for any space and these are big shoes to fill! In terms of performance, the marketing claims for LVF to be durable enough for commercial settings, that its waterproof, pet proof and kid proof! It’s no wonder why customers expect LVF to be indestructible, but the product has limitations just like all other kinds of flooring. 

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Speaking from experience, including a recent flood in a client's home with LVF, this product sure does stand up to its promise. With this said, it's important to educate clients that proper care and maintenance is required for all types of flooring. For example, hardwood will scratch and dent with the right amount of force. It’s important to follow manufacturer recommendations on care and installation especially for warranty purposes and to be realistic when it comes to performance in general. 

In line with current flooring fashion trends, clients are mostly inquiring about natural or "naked" colours in wood looks, wide planks, European white oak, large format tiles and the marble look is still going strong. These clean and pure palettes provide a "blank" canvas to set the stage for the rest of the design to stand out in perfect contrast. These looks are quite versatile being both rustic and traditional and can be incorporated into many styles including Parisian Apartment, minimal Scandinavian, modern farmhouse and mid-century modern.  

20191018 102118 20191018 104757

Flooring is one of the largest surfaces clients invest in when updating their homes and it doesn't happen often in the lifetime of a home. It’s important to educate clients and assist them in selecting the right products. The focus should be on choosing a timeless look and a quality product that they enjoy rather than clinging onto trends or focusing on price. These recommendations will ensure their enjoyment of the product which is most important and lasting value when it’s time for resale. 

 By Armig Sarmazian-Curescu
Sarmazian Brothers Flooring
DDA Canada Accredited Member


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