A Board of Directors Meeting was held on January 8, by conference call. The following is a summary of that meeting:

Membership: In December, there were 6 new Student members, 5 from Ontario and 1 from Alberta. There were 17 membership renewals – 11 from Ontario, 1 from Manitoba, 3 from Alberta, and 2 from BC.

Treasurer’s Report: The budget for 2020-21 was reviewed by Treasurer Jeanne Grier and approved by the board. Highlights include chapter development in Halifax and Vancouver, more Education webinars, and the reintroduction of a Student Day event.

Marketing Committee: We are on track to switch over to the new DDA website before the end of January. Watch for more details and instructions on how to navigate and update your profiles, as the site is released.

Affiliate Committee: Committee Chair Janet Crawford will be working with Membership Chair Janet Armstrong to coordinate new chapter development efforts in Halifax and Vancouver in 2020. Anyone who would like more information is encouraged to contact Janet.Armstrong@ddacanada.com

Legislative Committee: Money has been included in the 2020-21 budget to enable our Government Relations consultants to help in the rollout of the strategy that has been developed, particularly in Ontario.

Ambassador Committee: Outreach through the revitalized Ambassador Program continues to have positive results. Any member who is interested in helping out is asked to contact ambassador@ddacanada.com

Education Committee: Work continues to update the list of DDA recognized educational institutions on the DDA website. The committee would like to further develop relationships with other institutions and add to the list of recognized institutions. A badge is being developed to be presented to those institutions on a yearly basis.

Next Board Meeting: February 12, 2020