A Board of Directors Meeting was held on December 11, by conference call. The following is a summary of that meeting:

Membership: In November, there were 12 new members – 4 Affiliate, 4 Student and 4 Accredited. There were 25 membership renewals — 17 Accredited, 2 Educator, and 6 Student. Overall, membership is trending up for the year.

Treasurer’s Report: A review of outstanding Accounts Receivable was provided. Almost all old issues have been resolved. There was also a brief discussion about the importance of sponsorships to the organization, with a suggestion that policies and procedures be put in place to ensure that Affiliate sponsors receive maximum value for their sponsorship support. This is to be discussed further in a smaller group meeting with the Events and Affiliate Chairs, and the Treasurer.

Marketing Committee: Work on the new DDA website continues, with a projected launch date of January 2020.

Affiliate Committee: Committee Chair Janet Crawford is reviewing the process and fee structure for ‘Sub’ affiliate members. She will also be discussing and reviewing membership processes with the Membership Committee Chair, Janet Armstrong.

Legislative Committee: An overview of the Government Relations strategy was provided. Committee Chair Andria Cowan suggested that we budget to continue with this work in 2020, to ensure that government officials recognize DDA as a stakeholder in any proposed regulation of the practice of Interior Design across the country.

Ambassador Committee: Student memberships have been experiencing an increase, and it was felt that this committee’s work to revitalize the Ambassador program and reach out the schools was starting to have an impact.

Next Board Meeting: January 8, 2020