A Board of Directors Meeting was held on June 12, by conference call, including a small group meeting in person in Toronto. The following is a summary of that meeting:

Membership: We are continuing to grow membership, with both Accredited and Affiliate members on the increase. Some of the recent increase was attributed to promotion around the Awards Gala and AGM. The committee, chaired by Janet Armstrong, is currently working on a review of membership categories, as well as putting together a WSIB information resource.

Treasurer’s Report: Quarterly financials were reviewed for Q1. As a result of issues recently discovered with DDA’s Accounts Receivable process, Treasurer Jeanne Grier instructed that the ‘invoice’ option be removed from the DDA website. All purchases must now be paid by credit card, until further notice. Any members who have concerns about this are welcome to bring them to the attention of treasurer@ddacanada.com.

Ambassador Committee: Cathy Granert is the new chair of this committee, and has been busy getting up to speed on the past work of the group. She is also seeking new committee members. Anyone who is interested may email ambassador@ddacanada.com.

Awards Committee: New chair Elvira Goodenough, along with past chair Mary Dancey, have been wrapping up after a very successful 2019 Awards Competition. They are reviewing possible changes for next year, as well as continuing to learn about ways to use our new online awards platform, AwardForce.

Events Committee: Committee chair Anastasia Rentzos, along with co-chair Leanne Tamarro and committee member Jeanne Grier, have completed a review of the 2019 Awards Gala and AGM, and made a list of recommendations for next year. This year’s event was considered to be a huge success, and they are planning to make next year’s gala even better.

Affiliate Committee: This group, chaired by Janet Crawford, has been working on a ‘passport’ program for the Fall. The program is designed to get Accredited members more engaged with our Affiliate members. More details will be provided in the coming months.

Education Committee: The Education committee, chaired by Lana McIver, is performing a review of our recognized institutions.

All Committee chairs have been tasked with reviewing and updating the policies and procedures associated with their committees. This is to be completed by September 30, 2019.