Design Competition FAQ

Q: My project involved two adjacent rooms (family room and dining area) which were decorated for continuity. Can they both be included in one entry? 
A: In most cases it is better to showcase one room, where your budget has been concentrated; however, you may include two adjacent rooms if they flow together. Do not include a kitchen or bathroom as part of your two adjacent rooms in the entry or in the submitted images.

Q: My client project included a kitchen renovation and other rooms of the house. Am I able to enter this project in more than one category?
A: The Kitchen may be entered in the appropriate Kitchen category and any other room(s) may be entered in the appropriate category (maximum two different project entries per category and a maximum of 3 three entries per Accredited Member.)

Q: What is the "Submit ID" I need to use for naming my submission file?
A: If you downloaded the original version of the PowerPoint Entry form, the file name requirements says "SubmitID", you should actually be using "Order ID", which will be a four digit confirmation on your order receipt/invoice.

Q: If I don't have "Before" pictures for my project, can I still enter? 
A: Yes, but this may affect the overall evaluation of your project.   One or two before pictures can speak volumes. If you do not have them, please be sure your narrative addresses what you were faced with as a starting point. For renovations, it is important to specify how you were involved from the planning stages through to project completion.

Q: I partnered with a colleague for our project. Can we enter as a team? 
A: Yes, provided you each meet the eligibility criteria for the category. One of you must register and upload the project, but you should check the box for a joint project and fill in the name of the other decorator. Whoever uploads the project pays the entry fee. Should your project be a winner, any prize awarded for the project would be shared. If you would like more than one trophy, one for each member that worked on the project, an invoice will be issued to cover the cost. Both partners must be DDA members, except for entries in the Student category.

Q: What should the project description narrative include? 
A: During the judging, your narrative will be read aloud by an independent person, while your images are shown on the screen. The narrative that goes with the first slide should introduce the project to the judges.

Q: I am a DDA™Student Member. If I wish to submit in one of the categories that are not specifically for students, is the entry fee $20 or $50? 
A: As a Student you may only participate in the Student Category and as a DDA™Student Member, your entry is free. If you are not a Student Member of DDA™, your entry fee is $20 plus HST.

Q: I have recently completed my courses and received my program certificate. May I enter the Student category?
A: Yes, if the project you wish to submit was completed within the past year while you were enrolled as a Student in your program. With a student entry you do not have to be a registered member of DDA at the time the award is given out.

Q: Must the project be completed in 2017 in order to qualify for submission? 
A: No. There is no specific time frame that applies.

Q: My pictures have information about my company visible, what should I do? 
A: Any identifying information in an entry will result in that entry being disqualified. Use a photo editor to block out the disqualifying information. Please ensure that any location or supplier names are also omitted from your narrative.

Q: I might travel to attend the Awards Ceremony if I knew I had won. Are winners notified in advance? 
A: While the formal announcement of all winners is not made public until the Awards Ceremony, winners are notified by the end of February in order that travel arrangements may be made. Please note that the winners are not advised in advance of which award they will be receiving.  Everyone who enters the contest will have the opportunity to purchase tickets, at a preferred rate, to the AGM & Awards Ceremony at checkout.

Q: Does DDA™cover the travel costs for the Winners to attend the Awards Ceremony?
A: No. All travel costs are the responsibility of the winner. Benefits of attending the ceremony include peer recognition and the opportunity to receive photographic coverage of the award presentation and sponsor recognition.

Q: Will I receive feedback on my project and my entry application to improve my skills?
A: No. The scope of the competition does not provide for individual feedback or instruction and all project submissions are anonymous. All winning entries will be showcased in the videos available for viewing on the DDA™website after the Awards announcement.

Q. What happens if I enter my project in the wrong category?
A: If you enter in the incorrect category you will be advised and given the opportunity to change the category your project is entered in. Projects may also be moved to an alternate category, without notice, as deemed appropriate by the judging panel.

Q: I see that I am required to submit a budget for the project. Do I have to fill in every category? How detailed should it be?
A: You are only required to fill in those categories that are applicable to your project. You only need to put in an overall amount per category. The category does not have to be broken into subcomponents. If the homeowner has provided some of the products or labour separately it should be stated on the budget form and included in the budget. Design fees should not be included in the overall budget total.

Q: I was hired to do the consulting for the project. The owner subcontracted the other services directly. Do I need to submit a budget for the project?
A: Yes. You need to indicate the overall project value, and that you only provided the decorating services and that the other services were contracted separately by the owner

Q: Do I have to provide a reference/testimonial from the client?
A: No. It is optional to provide the reference/testimonial however you do need to ensure your narrative has addressed how your client's need or wishes were satisfied. Clearly indicate what your client’s requirements were for the project and how they were achieved. In this regard, you also have to identify what the client's requirements were.

Q: I recently decorated a room in my own home. May I submit this as an entry?

A: Yes. As long as it meets the criteria for the particular category.

Q: I have recently completed my courses and received my program certificate but my Student Membership does not expire until January 30. May I enter the Student category?
A: Yes, since your Student membership is valid at the time the contest closes you may still enter as a Student. If you wished to enter in any other category you would have to upgrade your membership to "Accredited Member" prior to the close of the competition. (Please note that you must be a member in good standing at the time of the Awards presentation to receive an award.)

Q: I have scripted more than 100 words for each slide, can I use them?

A: No, you will not be permitted to use more than 100 words for the first slide and no more than 50 words for each slide thereafter.

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