It can take a lot of work to get the perfect rustic cottage look. Many cottages have a rustic appearance by design, not accident. Cottage owners often want their summer getaway to have a unique rustic appearance – inside and out. Visitors are to feel that they are stepping back in time and to a rural world of yesterday when they enter a rustic cottage. At least that’s the hope of cottage owners who go out of their way to get the rustic look and feel just right.

Many proud owners of a rustic cottage have professional decorators to thank for the interior and exterior appearance of their summer residence. Experienced and trained decorators know what items to add to a cottage in order to achieve the perfect rustic look. Whether it is distressed hard wood floors, old flower pots, or retro carpets and curtains, professional decorators bring their eye for detail and design to cottages and help transform them into a rustic oasis for family and friends to enjoy during the hot summer months. Decorators are available to assist with both design and execution when it comes to renovating a cottage and giving it a rural and rustic flavour. Decorators also know where to shop and how to stretch a dollar to ensure cottage owners get the look and feel they desire without breaking the family bank.

Cottage owners who want to capture an old world, rustic feel in their family cottage should consult with a professional decorator. Consultations are often free of charge. To locate a decorator in your area, and to inquire about how they can help with improve the look and feel of your cottage, please visit the Canadian Decorators’ Association, or check them out online at:

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