You may not know it but you are probably already familiar with Chromatherapy.

Think about the clothes you are wearing, the colors you have chosen for your home, the color of your car. Every time you select a color, are exposed to one in the world you are experiencing a form of chromatherapy.

Chromatherapy is Defined as a Form of Natural Medicine That Uses Color on the Body to Promote Healing.

The use of colored light to treat physical, mental and emotional illnesses goes back thousands of years with the Chinese, Persians, Egyptians and Europeans all experimenting with forms of Chromatherapy.

Light and color go hand in hand. In order to perceive co

lor with our eyes we must have light. Light is measured in wavelengths, from nanometers to kilometers. The length of the wave determines what color is perceived. Visible light (color) ranges from about 400 nanometers (blue) to 700 nanometer (red).

The wave length of light determines how it will interact with a person.

The most common example of Chromatherapy can be found in neonatal units in hospitals around the world with Biliruben lights. Modern Medical Science uses a pure form of Chromatherapy to treat Jaundiced newborns.  The specific blue wavelengths of the Bilirubin Lamp cure jaundice (medically known as Bilirubin) by acting on the entire body of the baby except the eyes, which are covered during the treatment, while the wavelengths of simple blue light enables the baby’s system to rid itself of the Bilirubin.

However, with many different wavelengths of colored light available there are many healing possibilities.

According to practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine, the seven main visible colors correspond with different parts of the body and different functions.


- Base of the spine          

- Grounding and Survival


- Lower abdomen, genitals

- Emotions, Creativity, sexuality


- Solar plexus    

- Power, Sense of Self, Confidence


- Heart

- Unconditional Love, sense of responsibility


- Throat

- Physical and spiritual communication

BainUltra Nokori Oval Illuzio


- Just above the center of the brow, middle of forehead Intuition

- Forgiveness, compassion, understanding


- Crown of the head

- Connection with universal energies, transmission of ideas and information

BainUltra Opalia oblique Illuzio

Chromatherapy is said to have many benefits to the human body because each color can be used to treat various medical conditions and to rebalance the whole body and state of mind.


According to traditional Chinese medicine, each color corresponds to a specific organ in the body and when that color is applied to the affected body part. Some practitioners believe that people can benefit from wearing specific colors depending on the type of ailment they wish to treat. It is believed that steady exposure to certain colors can alleviate the symptoms of many illnesses.

Past scientific experiments conducted on the effects of color in the body have suggested that color can not only have psychological effects but also positive physiological effects as well. This is one of the reasons why we see some prisons using bubble gum pink colored walls to calm inmates and different retail outlets using specific colors to change the mood of customers as well.

At BainUltra, we believe that “true wellness is about achieving the perfect balance in the different facets of our lives” Since Chromatherapy plays an intricate part of this balance, we offer Chromatherapy in our Therapeutic tubs as well as our Vedana Therapeutic Care unit.

You probably already intrinsically know how much color affects your mood.  Now you know there is a real physiological reason that this change happens.

We should all use the power of color daily in our quest for relaxation, health and well-being.

Even if you have not yet had the opportunity to experience a daily bath in therapeutic light, you can choose to surround yourself with colors that can be therapeutic to you.

By Renee Martel
Regional Manager, Canada, BainUltra Canada

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