Where is the Real Heart of the Home?

When thinking about the "heart of a home", the _rst place that probably comes to mind is the kitchen. A place where families and friends congregate around food and conversation.

Is this the real heart though? The kitchen is a place of social gathering focusing on others, focusing on food; both of which are outside the self. (Maybe it should be called the mouth of the home? Talking/Eating)...

The heart - on the other hand - is about going within. It is about love. It is hard to have the love and energy required to give to others if you don’t first take the time to care of yourself. Someone who is filled with stress and low in energy won’t be able to fully bring out their love to others and to themselves.

The REAL heart of the home is a sanctuary, a place where you can be alone, a place for healing and recharging your battery. A place to connect to something deeper inside you, your own heart...

The bathroom is that place. That oasis where you can lock the door, shut out the world and be in quiet contemplation. Transforming the bathroom into a therapeutic space can bring a renewal of energy, a reduction in stress and while soaking in your bath, you can allow yourself to connect to your core, your deeper self, your heart…

From our own heart comes the spirit, creativity, expression and love of who we really are.

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