Want a taste of next-generation decoration and design? Each year, Canadian students enter their residential and commercial projects in our Decorating & Design Competition. These are the three student projects that won awards in the 2018 competition.

"Modern Townhome"

students bronze

This modern townhouse design was created to meet the needs and personality of a dynamic, middle-aged professional couple and their teenage son. The goal was to combine the family’s love of modern décor with their desire for functionality and pragmatism. The outcome was a design that combines clean visual lines and muted, calm colours, as well as elements of unity, rhythm and balance, to create a space that is modern, well-functioning and visually interesting in line with the client’s needs and wishes.

Designer: Catalina Radelscu, Sheridan College
Award: Bronze

"Page One Bookstore"

students silver

The client desired a bookstore that brought importance back to reading. A place where people could come in and get lost in a warm inviting atmosphere. A traditional style was selected to capture the ancient origin that comes from reading books while modern architecture will adequately adapt to our current society. Elements chosen will leave a lasting impression on customers in order to evoke excitement and confidence when shopping at Page One. As a result, customers driven to discover what is behind their next book, will bring a bookstore to a time where books are popular again.

Designer: Rebecca Arapicio Velasco, Algonquin College
Award: Silver

"Green Island Shore" 

students gold

My client is a 35 year-old freelance designer living in an apartment near downtown Toronto. He is an author and a freelancer working frequently from his home office. He favors a combination style of classic and contemporary. He likes to sketch and read in his free time, therefore, he required a big workplace in his home office (work table for drafting and sketching) and an Alaska king size bed in his bedroom.

Designer: Jia Wei Pu, Sheridan College
Award: Gold

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