• As professional decorators, we may be biased on this topic.  After being called in for damage control, or even worse, complete overhauls of a DIY project gone wrong,  we’ve come to understand where homeowners go wrong. There are many fun and satisfying DIY projects for homeowners to try. A quick glance at Pinterest will provide you with more projects, than even the craftiest person could handle. There are some projects that would-be renovators should let the professionals tackle. These include big ticket items that could burden you financially, or projects that devalue your home if they aren’t done properly.

  • The key to a successful relationship, no matter whether it’s personal or professional, comes down to the one thing: communication. Poor communication can leave you frustrated and unhappy, while a good rapport and solid communication can inspire creativity, collaboration, mutual respect and motivation.

    As such, it’s no surprise that when working with your interior decorator or designer, getting the look you want requires clear, open communication about what you want and need. This means sharing with your designer everything from your dream look to your day-to-day living habits.

  • Buying a condo? Planning to renovate or redecorate that condo once it’s officially yours? Well, you might be surprised to know that there are many costs associated with condo renovations that aren’t necessarily applicable to house renovations, warns Mary Stanton, of Stanton Interiors. Stanton specializes in condo and small space décor and says that the factors involved in condo renovations often take clients by surprise.

  • Contrary to popular belief, stylish and functional renovations or refreshers needn't cost you the roof over your head. These three projects got serious mileage from their small budgets—and won Design & Decorating Competition awards for the feat.

  • It can take a lot of work to get the perfect rustic cottage look. Many cottages have a rustic appearance by design, not accident. Cottage owners often want their summer getaway to have a unique rustic appearance – inside and out. Visitors are to feel that they are stepping back in time and to a rural world of yesterday when they enter a rustic cottage. At least that’s the hope of cottage owners who go out of their way to get the rustic look and feel just right.

  • Before your interior decorator starts on any project, ask him or her these five questions to make sure you’re both on the same page:

  • Although powder rooms are typically small spaces and often built more with utility in mind than style, they are a frequently visited space in any home by both owners and guests. Each year, entrants in the Decorating and Design Competition get to show off their fresh ideas for improving living spaces at every budget. These three powder rooms were named the best powder rooms designed in 2017 by DDA Canada members. Take a look!

  • So you’ve decided to redecorate your home. Now the trick is finding the right person to help you do it.

    Choosing the right decorator requires time, patience and the willingness to do some research. After all, they will be helping you create a new space within your home, one that is reflective of your personality and tastes. As such, you need someone whose work you admire, who you can get along with and who demonstrates professionalism in the industry. So where to begin?

  • Lana MacRae smThe time has come for CDECA to lead its’ members through the competitive and ever changing demands of the design industry. 

    As a proud Accredited member of CDECA and the Chair of Education, it was my mandate to look at continuing education and professional growth opportunities for our membership. 

  • Each year, entrants in the Decorating and Design Competition get to show off their fresh ideas for improving living spaces at every budget.

    These nine interior makeovers showcase what's possible at three different budget levels. No matter what your current space looks like, there's room for improvement in atmosphere or functionality. See how Canada’s top decorators and designers transformed home interiors this year. 

  • Sandra Cross Interiors - adding colour to a room

    Photo: Sandra Cross Interiors

    Thinking of changing your colour scheme? That’s great, but don’t move too fast, says Nancy DeVries of Urban Aesthetics in North Vancouver. Consider what you have already–existing furniture, colour tones of flooring, art pieces, etc., and work from there. Without considering these things first, you could end up with a colour scheme that doesn’t work with your space.

  • A decorating and design professional is qualified by education and experience to develop and enhance the function and quality of interior (and exterior) spaces. A professional analyzes the client’s needs and formulates design concepts that are aesthetic, appropriately appointed and functional.

  • There’s no denying that do-it-yourself is a hot trend. People are jumping on their inner interior decorator and refurbishing furniture, making their own accents, painting rooms and designing their space just the way they like it. This is great, for sure. After all, unleashing your creativity is great for the mind and soul. But sometimes we also have to recognize when to call in the professionals.

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