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grey couch

Over the past 23 years I have witnessed many textiles trends in the furniture and design industry, but my original love of natural fibers - mohair, velvet, linen - have stood the test of time and continue to grow in popularity as the eco-friendly product trend gains momentum. Open any luxury design magazine and you will see a plethora of these fibers. It is not difficult to understand why more and more interior designers are specifying these natural fibers. From the client's perspective, using these fabrics means they are not bringing chemicals into their homes. From the interior designers’ perspective, these fabrics provide a classic look and depth that man-made fibers just can't offer.

cream chair

It's easy to understand why my first love of velvet and mohair mean they have become Gresham House Furniture’s go-to fabrics. Classic, durable and elegant, they tick all of the boxes for the consumer and the designer. From the clients’ perspective, not only are these fabrics eco-friendly, they are inherently durable and don't require chemicals to make them last. They have a soft-hand and provide a level of comfort that synthetic fibers just can't match. They also offer the perfect juxtaposition to the hard finishes we see trending.

For example, the bronze legs on this tuxedo arm sofa are softened when paired with a high-pile textured velvet; a contemporary twist on classic fabric.

white chair

Linen and textured linens are also a great accompaniment to high-piled velvet and mohair fibers. Eco-friendly and naturally strong, linen is not a fabric to be afraid of but one to embrace. When used for a drapery or skirted upholstered piece, the linen will drape beautifully but also works well on a more streamlined piece as pictured here.

Wool is another natural fiber that is quickly gaining momentum with our trend setting interior designers and decorators. Often deemed as "itchy," a good wool is far from it and is naturally hypoallergenic, thereby ticking the box for the eco-conscious consumer. We are seeing this fabric specified on traditional dining chairs and sofas to more contemporary pieces as shown on this channel back chair. Contemporary or traditional it upholsters sleek and refined.

As a manufacturer of fine furniture, witnessing the growth of these natural fabrics’ popularity not only keeps my staff happy working with them, it also elicits wonderful reviews from the end-consumer. When you have the marriage of good design, quality product, and timeless natural fabrics, you have a match made in heaven. What more can you ask for?

Marilyn Roberts, Principal

Gresham House Furniture MFG

Marilyn has worked in the retail and wholesale side of the furniture business since 1994. As a self-professed "granola girl" who has followed her passion for quality furniture that is kind to our environment, Marilyn alongside her father Max, started Gresham House Furniture MFG in 2003. With a showroom in Mississauga and Calgary, Gresham House Furniture builds quality furniture exclusively for the interior design trade. 

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