DDA Educator Membership benefits include:

  1. Affiliation with a national association of Professional Interior Decorators and Designers.
  2. Networking opportunities for yourself and the benefit of your students.
  3. Contacts for potential employment for your students.
  4. Notice of job postings for your students on our website, www.ddacanada.com
  5. Opportunity for coordinators / administrators to post teaching positions on our website.
  6. Information on industry updates and some upcoming events via access to the ‘Members’ Only’ section on the DDA website and through email broadcasts.
  7. Professional development seminars.
  8. Notification of tradeshow events.
  9. A conduit for collective representation and lobbying on all issues of significance to the decorating industry.
  10. Communication with members and the industry through newsletter, email, regular mail and phone.
  11. Newsletters – which update all members on business issues and trends in the industry.
  12. Knowledge of and field trip access to DDA affiliate members who provide products or services to the trade.
  13. DDA has active committees. As a member you may join a committee and have direct impact on strategic planning, event planning, thereby
  14. enhancing your networking.
  15. The opportunity to hold a position on DDA’s member-elected executive board.
  16. Access to members of the Education Committee who are available for participation in your Program Advisory Committee meetings.
  17. Access to the DDA Ambassador Program where executives are asked speak to interior decorating and design students of recognized programs to inform them about our professional association.
  18. Adherence to the DDA Code of Ethics, as listed on the website, www.ddacanada.com