Entries will only be accepted through the online registration system. Only accredited members must be in good standing at the time of the ceremony. Students do not have to be a member of DDA but there will be an entry fee for non-member student entries.

All payments are made through a link to a secure payment system. Please note that the competition judges do not see names or other registration information.

You may pay for your entries at any time before the competition deadline, and you may still edit entries for which you have paid. You may also add additional entries and pay for those separately.

Students may enter only 1 project into the General Student Category and 1 project in the universal kitchen or bath design Category and will not enter projects in the Accredited Member categories.

Retired Members, Educator Members and Affiliate Members are not eligible to submit entries. 

The same project cannot be entered in more than one category, and while Accredited Members may enter in a maximum of three projects, only two submissions per entrant is allowed in any one category.

All entries are to be the principal work of the member(s) submitting the entry.

By submission of your entry in the DDA™ 2018 Design Competition you hereby consent to the release by DDA™ of your name and your project and all related images in printed, electronic, or other forms on the DDA™ website or otherwise for DDA™ promotional, educational, or other purposes.

By submission of your entry(s) you declare that the work submitted is the principal work and project of the entrant.

For winning entries to be considered for publication they must not have been previously published in any magazine.

Entry Deadline

Deadline for submission and payment: Midnight January 28, 2019 (your local time) for Accredited Members and by Midnight January 28, 2019 (your local time) for Student Projects.

Please note that while you can register and load entries at any time, the entry will not be submitted to the contest until payment is made.

DDA reserves the right to extend the entry deadline.

Entry Eligibility

In order to receive any award, Accredited Member and Student Member entrants must be Members in good standing at the time of the presentations unless you are a non-member student who has paid for their entry

Entry Fees

Each entry in the Accredited Member categories is $50 plus applicable taxes.

Students who are DDA™ Members may enter for free and non-member Student entries are $20 plus applicable taxes.


Competition entries must not contain anything that would identify the Entrant or the client. In addition, the narratives and budget screens must not include any references to location or suppliers. The use of Company names, logos on boards, etc., or a reference to location or suppliers, etc. will result in automatic disqualification of the entry.

Breach of competition rules may result in disqualification of the entry.

Fees are NOT REFUNDABLE where the entry has been disqualified for any reason. 

Elimination of Category

If a category has fewer than three entries, DDA reserves the right to eliminate the category and refund the entry fees or move the entry to another category without notice.

Change of Category

Entries may be moved to an alternate category, as deemed appropriate, without the entrant’s consent.