Entry Format

Please review the Entry Guidelines below for more information.

Each entry is comprised of up to 10 ten digital images in high resolution JPG or PNG format.  Only 1 “after” image per slide is allowed, though you can put two “before” images on one slide if you chose.  Submit before and after images.  Choose your images based on relevance: for example, images of concept or sample boards, images of plans, etc. Upload the images in a logical sequence starting from introduction and graduating to details.

A Client name cannot be used for naming a project. A descriptive title, e.g.: "Lakeside Retreat, French Classic Kitchen, etc. would be appropriate, keeping in mind any media coverage would include the title.

Each entry should be accompanied by a project description that briefly describes the client requirements, objectives, design challenges, and solutions. The project description takes the form of ten brief narratives that accompany each picture. The introductory narrative (Max. 100 words) should accompany the first slide. We recommend the first slide be your feature shot of the decorated space. The narratives for the other nine slides may not exceed 50 words. You also must provide high level budget information. An input screen will guide you through this requirement. If the homeowner has provided some of the products or labour separately it should be stated on the budget form.

For Student Projects, the introductory narrative (max.100 words) should provide a client profile. The Budget information is not a requirement for the Student Project.

Students should upload images of a sample/presentation board, a floor plan, an elevation and a perspective drawing and may include additional photos, up to ten images in total. Please ensure that your images and titles are legible as they cannot be expanded or zoomed during the judging process.

Entry Guidelines

Entrants will download a PowerPoint presentation that will serve as a template and entry guideline for their competition entry(s). Entrants can create their entry using Keynote, Google Docs or PowerPoint. The PowerPoint template will have instructions embedded in each slide. Simply replace the text and images in the template with your information.

Instructions for 2018 Competition Entry

STEP 1. Review the e-mail receipt you receive after paying for your submission. Use the number after “OrderID” as your unique identifier for your entry. If you are submitting to multiple categories, you must pay individually for each. Use only the Order ID from one payment per category entry. You may submit only two entries per category, with a maximum of three entries total.

STEP 2. Download the "2018 DDA Awards Entry Power Point" This will be a PowerPoint presentation which you will need to open with either KeynotePowerPoint or Google Docs. The program you use to edit the Entry template slides will depend on your preference and which program you have on your computer. If you require assistance using these programs please consult the program’s support websites: Keynote, PowerPoint or Google Docs.

STEP 3. Open the 2018 DDA Awards Entry Power Point file and read slides 1 to 5 carefully.

STEP 4. Please use slides 6 – 25 to submit your entry information. Place photos in the image placeholders and replace all red text with your text.  One image per placeholder accept for the  before and after slide.

STEP 5. Delete slides 1 – 5 before saving your entry.

STEP 6. Save your entry as a PPT (PowerPoint) file with a file name that follows this format: "category letter_ project name with spaces_SubmitID". For example, for a bathroom project called “Spa Retreat", you would save the file as "C_ Spa Retreat_599".

Please use the category guide below:

A - Kitchen Under 50K

B - Kitchen Over 50K

C - Bathroom Under 30K

D - Bathroom Over 30K

E -  Powder Rooms  No $ limit

F - Interior Decorating Under 45K

G - Interior Decorating over 45K and Under $100K

H -  Interior Decorating Over $100K

I - Challenging Budget Under $8,000

J - Student

STEP 7. Reply to your e-mail receipt with the matching PPT (PowerPoint) file attached.

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