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Janet Armstrong

National Chair

Jeanne Grier

Director, Chair of Sponsorship

Melvin Ma

Director, Chair of Affiliates

Cathy Granert

Director, Chair of Ambassador Program

Devonia DeBeck

Director, Chair of Accredited/Student Membership and Vice-Chair of Ambassador Program

Glen Peloso

Director, Chair of Ethics

Kate Dickson

Director, Chair of Education

Wes McCallum

Director, Treasurer

Jill Carty

Director, Vice Chair of Accredited and Student Membership

Emily Grundy

Director, Vice Chair of Affiliates

Deborah-Lynn Vitale

Director, Chair of Marketing & Communications

Daniela Caporilli

Director, Chair of Awards Gala [ML1]

Chapter Representatives

In addition to the events and governance that happen on a national level, we also have regional chapters that run events. Currently, we have four official chapters. If you’re outside of one of these areas, and want to start a chapter in your area, contact us to get started.


Ana Cummings


Deborah Casey


Maureen Liebovitz