1. Affiliation with the only not-for-profit professional National Association of Professional Interior Decorators and Designers.
  2. Business listing in Affiliate Directory on www.ddacanada.com with a link to your website. This database is searchable by location and by products/services offered so allows our members to easily link to you when sourcing for clients.
  3. Email broadcast service for your open houses and trade events/seminars. Format restrictions apply and we require five business days lead time. Please note that broadcasts can be segregated by Province or Chapter and that any Affiliate Members listed in that Province/Chapter will receive such broadcasts unless you specify otherwise.You also have the flexibility of posting these events directly on the Calendar of Events on the homepage of www.ddacanada.com
  4. Opportunity to contribute an article for the DDA I.D.E.A.S. newsletter which is distributed to all members on a regular schedule. Content must be received two weeks prior to scheduled publication dates. Format and text restrictions are provided separately. This is a strategic marketing tool to reach our members - your targeted audience - with product information and other newsworthy content.
  5. Enhanced industry status through display of Certificate of Membership and DDA decals and promotional material.
  6. Ability to communicate notices of job openings to membership base.
  7. Financial savings available to you and your employees through DDA Member services such as discounted magazines, etc.
  8. Opportunity to host an educational seminar/webinar to showcase your products and/or services.
  9. Networking opportunities for yourself and your employees. By designating key personnel in your company to receive DDA communications you will ensure that your local showroom or sales reps are connected to DDA members in their local market.
  10. Industry information via e-mail broadcasts on business issues and trends in the industry, upcoming events and newsletters.
  11. Receipt of all Membership Communication via e-mail and ability to arrange for additional employees to receive notifications, which is particularly beneficial where DDA local Chapters operate.
  12. Opportunity for Affiliate Member representatives to join one of DDA’s active committees and have direct impact on strategic planning, event planning, etc.
  13. Opportunity for Affiliate Member representatives to hold a position on DDA’s member-elected executive Board of Directors.
  14. Entitlement to use the designation “Affiliate Member of DDA” in conjunction with the DDA logo on your business communications, accordance with the DDA Logo policy.
  15. Enhanced professionalism and consumer credibility as Affiliate Members adhere to the DDA Code of Ethics detailed here.